Your Faith Against Depression

Depression is characterized by low mental energy caused by the lose of hope, and a feeling of not up to handling the problems of living. You may be physically healthy, but low mental energy can convince you that you cannot do the task at hand. Although, some depression are caused by changes in the brain chemistry, more often than not, depression can be controlled by thought management.
As a case in point, if Tom is sitting comfortably on a sofa, watching his favorite television show, and wants a glass of water from the refrigerator that is located five yards away, the positive thought in his mind would tell him to rise and get the glass of water.
But just as the positive thought appears, it would instantaneously trigger a negative thought from negative signals in Tom's mind. The negative thought would say, no need to rush Tom, you can get the glass of water later.
Since the body has a propensity to remain relaxed, it is more likely to comply with the negative thought and remain seated, despite the fact that Tom needs the glass of water to take his medication or quench his thirst.
To overcome the effect of the negative mental commands using the power of faith, Tom would need to put his faith in action by saying with conviction:
"I shall not succumb to the negative command of Satan. By the power of God who strengthens me, I can get off the sofa. I shall get off the sofa. I am getting off the sofa. I am off the sofa."
If Tom acts as he speaks, assuming he has no physical impairment, he would rise, walk toward the refrigerator and soon have the glass of water in his hand. This is faith in action.
While in some cases of depression, it is necessary to take physician-prescribed antidepressant drugs, we should not forget that drugs suppress only the symptoms of depression. Seldom do antidepressant drugs eliminate the causes of depression.
Hence, the power of faith should be used during the period when the symptoms of depression are suppressed, enabling the patient to meaningfully participate in the faith process to eliminate the root causes of the depression.
When antidepressant drugs are used, the measure of success of the power of faith would depend on how rapidly the patient is able to wean himself off the antidepressant drugs.
Prolonged use of antidepressant drugs is an indication that the patient is yet to fully understand the spiritual principles of the gospel, and how to use them through faith to heal himself (Matthew 17:20).

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