Speaking The Word of God Through The Psalm

Read each chapter of the Psalm as though it was your own prayers, until you have selected a number of them that communicate your specific petition to God. Also, read Matthew 6:5-15 for guidance on how to pray.
Ask your priest or pastor to help you choose those prayers that address your spiritual needs. Do not be overly worried if your prayers are not as perfect as you wish, God hears the yearnings of our hearts long before our thoughts are formed to express them.
In times of fear, distress, loneliness or depression, find a safe and quiet place to pray to God for relief. Remember, as you prepare to pray, a flood of negative thoughts would come rushing into your mind, discouraging you from doing so. These negative thoughts are the work of Satan.
When your mind is wondering and your words are unable to form the prayer you want, read the Psalm until you chase Satan away. Do not give up reading or hearing the word of God until peace returns to your mind.
When Satan finds that you are not an easy prey, he would leave you for a less vigilant person. You should therefore be on your guard at all times, ready to fight off Satan and his demonic agents with the power of prayers.
Backed by faith, a prayer is a tormentor to the ears of Satan and his demonic agents; therefore pray audibly, as though you were speaking to someone sitting next to you at the dinning table.
When you utter your prayer, both the angels of heaven and the demons of hell would hear you; but while the angels of heaven would rejoice and bask in the sweet fragrance of the word of God being spoken, the demons of hell would be tormented with excruciating pain from which they can find relief only by fleeing.
When praying in a family setting, invite your spouse and children to pray with you. If they are not persuaded to join you, do not insist that they do so (1st Corinthians 7:12-14). Rather, pray that God would make their minds receptive to his word. Having done this, let your words and action be the beacon in the darkness of their lives, illuminating their path toward God's love.

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