Reading The Word of God

By reading the Word of God, you find evidence in the holy scriptures to confirm the truth of the knowledge you received by hearing. Since your happiness on this earth and your salvation hereafter depend upon a full and proper understanding and practice of the word of God, this issue cannot be overemphasized.
You should read the holy scriptures daily, particularly the books of the New Testament. Read them over and over again during the course of your lifetime, for the more you read the gospel, the more your understanding would be deepened to reveal to you divine truths hidden from previous generations.
This is true because the gospel extends beyond the covers of the physical bible into a spiritual bible. While Jesus was on earth, he did other things that were not written in the gospel, that only the Holy Spirit can reveal to us, as we read in John 21:25:
"Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written."
If we do not find time to read the gospel in a consistent and systematic way, we are bound to remain uninformed about the revelation from the gospel that the Holy Spirit has promised to give us, if we seek it.
Often I receive emails from believers who say they do not have time to read the bible, and wished I could give them a powerful prayer they could recite daily to receive spiritual healing from God.
The truth is, there is no single prayer, chant, ritual or religious relic powerful enough to bring us spiritual healing. Only the Holy Spirit, working in concert with the Father and the Son, has such divine power.
In Christianity, the word of God is put into effect by Holy Spirit. If we desire to receive spiritual healing, the Holy Spirit should indwell our souls; and this happens when we hear, read, speak and practice the gospel.
When we reflect upon the high price we pay in terms of fear, depression and unhappiness, as a result of distancing ourselves from the word of God, spending only thirty minutes a day on prayer and reading the gospel is a very small price to pay.
To put it another way, the gospel is the path to God. If we do not hear or read it, we will not find God. Those who cannot read because of physical impairment, or lack of education should listen to the audio version of the gospel.

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