Practicing The Word of God

When you practice the Word of God in your daily life, you are demonstrating that you have received the wisdom and power of God. In other words, practicing the Word of God is loving God with all your heart, mind and soul, and loving your neighbors as you love yourself.
Practicing the word of God does not end with simply doing no harm to your neighbors. It also involves finding opportunities to express God's love and generosity by feeding those who hunger for food and knowledge, providing health care to those ravaged by diseases, protecting the vulnerable among us from the wrath of capricious and violent men, and bringing comfort where unnecessary suffering now exists.
Practicing the Word of God also is how your soul is protected from the spiritual impurities constantly thrown at it by Satan and his demonic agents. As the physical person must clean his house daily of garbage to maintain a healthy and livable environment, the soul should also be cleansed daily of spiritual impurities by practicing the word of God.
When we stop practicing the word of God in our daily lives, the build up of spiritual impurities degrades the soul into an inhospitable dwelling for the Holy Spirit. Consequently, the Holy Spirit departs from that soul, leaving the believer vulnerable to attacks and occupation by the demonic agents of Satan.
When the word of God is seen merely as words carved on cold marble stones in the great halls of power and religion, or seen merely as printed words on the pages of a book, the gospel loses its power to motivate us to create the conditions in which what we pray for becomes ours.
Unless the word of God is put into practice in what we say and do, we would not know God in his true majesty and glory, or be empowered by the Holy Spirit to draw from God's wisdom, power and love the moral strength to push back the tide of sophistries that are rapidly blurring the line between right and wrong.
When we practice the word of God, we shut the doors and windows of our lives to Satan and his demonic agents. This way, we are able to maintain the purity of our souls and hold onto our faith in God.

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