Feeding Your Soul With The Word of God

Since the soul has a greater capacity to acquire and apply knowledge, be it good or evil, a corrupted soul would become a conduit through which Satan continues to debase the behavior of the physical person in whom the corrupted soul resides.
It is instructive to know that Satan is second only to the Holy Trinity in the possession of power and knowledge. Thus, when Satan occupies a soul, the soul by its own efforts is incapable of escaping from Satan's domination.
Only when the physical person returns to God by hearing, reading, speaking and practicing the word of God would he become empowered by the Holy Spirit to break free from Satan's grip.
For the word of God is, indeed, spiritual food for the soul. As the physical person must have bread and meat for nourishment to function optimally, so too the soul must have the word of God to be nourished toward righteousness (Luke 4:4).
Just as it is true when a physical person is starving, he would search in garbage cans and dumpsters for whatever he can find to eat. So too, when the soul is starving, it would search in spiritual garbage cans and dumpsters and feed on the word of Satan.
To keep the soul from feeding on the word of Satan, a mere 30 minutes a day devoted to prayers and reading the gospel would be enough to provide the right spiritual nourishment for your soul. Wake up 30 minutes before your family or friends wake up, to speak to God and listen to your mind for his answer to your prayer.
Along with praying and reading the gospel, we should also practice the word of God in our daily lives to cleanse our souls of all spiritual impurities directed towards them by the demons of Satan, so as to maintain the soul as a hospitable dwelling for the Holy Spirit.
It is not enough that we do no harm to our neighbors, we should practice the gospel by seeking opportunities to express God's kindness and caring by providing food to those who are hungry, clothing, shelter, health care, jobs and educational opportunities to those who cannot afford them.
The true believer should do these things to demonstrate that he loves his neighbors as he loves God, if it is within his means to do so. If because of financial or time constraints, he is unable to do so alone, he should join other believers with similar devotion to demonstrate God's kindness and caring in both words and action for the poor and needy.
As the believer keeps spiritual impurities from entering his soul by practicing the word of God, the indwelling Holy Spirit will testify to God on the spiritual purity of his or her soul to qualify the believer to become a child of God (Roman 8:15-17).
On becoming a child of God, the believer would experience an overwhelming feeling of inner peace, accompanied by indescribable joy every day of his life. He would feel the presence of God through his words and action, and know without a doubt that he loves God with all his soul.

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