How Did We Get Here

The primal question on the minds of every thinking man and woman is "How did we get here". Perhaps, just perhaps, if we took the time to Explore our Spirituality we would find answers that could help us find solutions to wars, incurable diseases and unhappiness.

Not surprisingly Science and Religion are in separate and opposing camps on the question, "How did we get here".

Science demands physical evidence as proof of how we got here. In its pursuit of physical evidence the latest conclusion from Science is that the universe came from nothing. In other words, the universe created itself, and then created life.

Religion, on the other hand, holds that in the beginning was God, who created all there is in the universe and in life, and whose nature, being a spirit, cannot submit himself to the physical evidence demanded by science. In other words, God exists but we cannot see him.

Entrenched in their separate camps, Science and Religion have given very little attention to the middle ground, where Spirituality resides. And while Science and Religion have been carrying on this fight, Spirituality has quietly been blazing a third path to answer the question, "How did we get here".

Spirituality's investigative tool is "Faith". And contrary to the popular notion, faith is not believing blindly. Faith is the search for revelations, manifesting themselves in human experiences.

With Spirituality, the scientist and scientific minded person can seek and find the truth about the universe and life without submitting themselves to, or get entangled in the politics of religion. Just as the theologian and believer can seek and find the truth without doing anything sacrilegious in the eyes of their religion.

How Spirituality is able to achieve this dual purpose is revealed in The Meaning and Application of Faith.

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