What Is A Miracle

The conception of Jesus is one of the problematic issues church leaders and scholars of the gospel have had to explain. To say emphatically that the conception of Jesus was a miracle, only states the fact, but does not settle the issue for many who still have questions about miracles.
As generally understood, a miracle is the occurrence of a physical event that overrides all natural and physical laws, which in this case, is the pregnancy of Mary by neither an artificial insemination nor sexual contact with a man. How to explain this miracle in physical terms, so that it makes sense to the reader has been the issue of contention.
However, since revelation of how and why miracles do happen comes to the believer spiritually, as he or she becomes more familiar with the scriptures, those who remain puzzled by the conception of Jesus are encouraged to hear, read, speak and practice the gospel to help them experience the indwelling of the Holy Spirit from whom comes divine knowledge and understanding. While this does not answer the question, it offers a means to do so.

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