The Spiritual Gospel

Now that we know the gospel extends beyond the physical bible into a spiritual bible whose content come to us through revelation by the Holy Spirit, we can seek through faith, the physical and spiritual contents of the gospel, since our happiness and salvation depend on both.
To do this we should begin reading the physical bible. It is advisable to read both the King James and the Standard International Versions of the scriptures, if it is available, so that when a passage is not readily understood in one version, clarification of the same may be found in the other.
Read the Old Testament carefully under the supervision of your priest, pastor or minister, as you would need guidance in certain areas. Give particular attention to reading the Psalm to learn how to present your petitions to God through prayers.
All the same, insofar as salvation is concerned, the New Testament, in both its physical and spiritual forms, encompasses as much, if not all we need to please God from whom comes our salvation.
The New Testament is the Word of God, as was spoken from the mouth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
Read the New Testament carefully from Matthew to Revelation. Here too you may need guidance from your priest, pastor or minister on the book of Revelation. Read a chapter or more at one sitting every day, depending on how much time you can devote to reading the gospel.
Make notations in the margin of the pages as you come across passages that speak to a specific problem or condition in your life. Do not worry when the pages of your bible fall apart at the binding, or get torn from much reading. Simply buy a new bible, or hold the loose pages together with adhesive tapes as best as you can and read on.
There is a saying that when your bible is falling apart from much reading, it's an indication that your life is not falling apart.

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