The Power of Faith In Action

In Matthew 8:1-13, Jesus used the power of faith to heal the centurion's paralyzed servant.
In Matthew 9:27-30, Jesus used the power of faith to give sight to the two blind men.
In Mark 5:25-34, Jesus used the power of faith to heal the woman who had suffered from bleeding for twelve years.
In Luke 17:11-17, Jesus used the power of faith to heal the man who had leprosy.
These are just a few of the many occasions on which Jesus demonstrated the power of faith.
During his time on earth, Jesus directly used the power of faith to heal the diseases and physical infirmities of the sick, but in modern times, the power of faith works in a different way to fulfill the promise Jesus made to humankind in John 14:15-17.
By the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we have direct connection with God, and as a result become spiritual sons and daughters of God, able to heal ourselves by our faith.
For this reason no physical person can heal you spiritually. The Holy Spirit residing in your soul is your spiritual healer. Your pastor or priest can show you the way to faith, but healing by faith happens only when you interact directly with God through the Holy Spirit.
The first step to healing a disease by faith, be it cancer, AIDS or the common headache, is to bring inner peace to your mind and body by reducing your stress levels.
As your stress levels fall, the imbalance in your body chemistry (particularly the acid and alkaline components) will begin to return to normal pH levels, often but not exclusively as a result of reducing fear and anxiety through the power of faith.
With the return of normal internal conditions, your body cells and the internal organs they form would begin to function optimally. All the intercommunication channels connecting your internal organs would be opened to allow the free flow of oxygen, hormones and enzymes from one part of your body to where they are most needed.
As a result, your immune system would be strengthened to where it can fight off diseases before they become debilitating.
Nevertheless, a strengthened immune system cannot always single-handedly fight off all diseases. Sometimes you will need a catalyst in the form of pharmacological substances or the tools of a surgeon for the healing process to begin.
When a catalyst is needed, the inner peace induced by reducing your mental and physical stress levels, the optimal functioning of your body cells, along with enhanced communication among your internal organs would open the healing pathways within your body to facilitate the pharmacological substances in finding their way to where they are needed to begin the healing process.
Even where surgery was performed on a believer, the inner peace induced by the power of faith would facilitate rapid healing of the surgical wounds, and a quick return to normal life.

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