Receiving Spiritual Revelations

Spiritual revelations come in spiritual form, and are received only by the soul who is a spirit. When the soul transmits the spiritual revelation to the physical person, the faith process has begun. It is the pathway by which the desires of the physical person are transmitted to God through prayers and supplications, and by which God's response is transmitted back to him through the soul enabled by the Holy Spirit.
The important aspect of the faith process is that the physical person should initiate it. He should have a desire for a particular thing or outcome, and if he is a believer would communicate his desire to God through prayers and supplications. As he speaks, his soul simultaneously transmit his request to God.
On receiving the request, God decides, in his infinite wisdom, whether or not to grant it. In cases where God grants the request, He instructs the Holy Spirit residing in the physical person's soul to reveal to the soul the substance of what is hoped for, and the spiritual evidence of what is not seen.
The communication of spiritual revelation between the soul and the Holy Spirit is possible because both are spiritual entities. Therefore, the soul is able to see the spiritual things revealed by the Holy Spirit as clearly and as fully as a physical person can see a teacup sitting on a dining table.
When the soul receives the substance of the thing that is hoped for, or the spiritual evidence of what is not seen, it transmits the spiritual revelation to the physical person via interaction between the subconscious and conscious minds.
As a reminder, the subconscious mind is the mind of the soul, and the conscious mind is the mind of the physical person. Communication between the two minds occurs when the subconscious mind, which is the superior of the two, partially overlaps with the conscious mind.
However, since the conscious mind lacks the ability to interpret spiritual revelations, the soul translates the spiritual revelation it had received from the Holy Spirit into a form that the conscious mind can understand, with the result that the spiritual revelation is experienced by the conscious mind as hope.
Hope is the conscious manifestation of faith. It induces certainty in the physical person that he will have what he desires by the wisdom and the power of God.

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