Reading The Spiritual and Physical Gospel

Even after reading the entire gospel two or three times, don't stop there. For, each time you read the entire gospel, you will gain new knowledge about God that you did not have before, with the ensuing effect that even after having read it 1,000 times, the 1,001 reading would continue to enrich your knowledge and understanding of the wisdom and power of God.
With the increasing depth of the knowledge of God that comes from systematic and careful reading of the physical gospel, you would begin to migrate into the spiritual gospel where the knowledge of God you acquire would come, not from your ability to achieve, but from revelation by the Holy Spirit made so by the grace of God.
At this level of spiritual maturity, you would develop a strong desire to abide by the will of God by finding opportunities to express God's love, compassion and caring for your neighbors; regardless of the color of their skin, religion, gender, national origin or life style, while at the same time avoiding speech and actions that are harmful to others.
This change in attitude toward God and your neighbors is an indication that you are receiving God's wisdom and power, enabling you to subordinate the demands of your body to the demands of the Spirit.
By this, you would achieve, by the Word of God, what "Jesus the Man" achieved by fasting forty days and forty nights. He endured the pain of fasting and the pain of death in your place, so that you could come into God's grace through faith alone.
When Jesus said in John 4:10 that those to whom he gives living water shall not thirst again, or in John 6:35 that those who eat the bread of life shall not hunger again, or in John 8:12 that he is the light of the world, or in John 14:6 that he is the way, the truth, and the life; he was speaking as "Jesus the Word".
The fact that he was born a man, and lived as a man for the greater part of his earthly life takes nothing from his divinity. At the age of thirty, after been baptized by John the Baptist, and tested by fasting and temptation, he became God (John 10:30-33).
Could it be that before the fasting and temptation Jesus was a man, which was why God allowed the devil to tempt him. And might not the truth of this view lie in the fact that immediately after the temptation by the devil, Jesus acquired his miraculous powers?
Isn't this truth borne out by the fact that thereafter, whenever Jesus spoke, what he commanded came into being. His words were instantly given material form and effect by the Holy Spirit.
We see here that the effects of Jesus' commands were similar to God's commands in Genesis 1:1-27; which demonstrated that God the Father, Jesus the Word, and the Holy Spirit had become one. When God forms his will, "Jesus the Word" gives expression to it, and the Holy Spirit puts it into effect; thus executing God's will through the action of the Holy Trinity as a single person.
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