Jesus Christ The Man

Before starting the discussion on Jesus Christ the Man, we should first confront the following questions for some background information.
Why did God choose to give his only begotten son an earthly mother? Why did he not create Jesus as a grown man as he created Adam? Obviously, had he done so, believers would have been spared the taunting of those from other religions reminding them that God is not a physical man to have a child with an earthly woman.
Why did God covet Joseph's intended wife when he had made abundantly clear in the Ten Commandments not to covet another man's wife? Why has God brought ridicule upon believers who must contend daily with the biological fact that a virgin cannot become pregnant without artificial insemination, or sexual intercourse with a man?
Again, it would seem obvious if God was omniscient to have foreseen these questions would arise, as a consequence of giving his son an earthly mother, and in light of this knowledge to have chosen differently. The fact that he didn't has been a source of uneasiness to many people who would have otherwise accepted the omniscience of God.
Or did God do this intentionally to prove a point that requires some thinking to grasp? Did he give his son an earthly mother to refute the view some have that ordinary men and women were not capable of obeying God's commandments, and that only gods could do so?
Thus, by giving Jesus an earthly mother, was it God's way of saying to his critics, here is a man born of a woman who has obeyed all my commandments, so you can also obey them, if you believe what he says.
By choosing as he did, was God expressing his confidence in church leaders to succeed in explaining the conception and birth of Jesus to a skeptical world in a manner that would not contravene the 10th commandment, and be believable and morally acceptable?
Answers to these questions would come, not by our own ability to understand them, but by spiritual maturation as we diligently immerse ourselves in hearing, reading, speaking and practicing the Word of God.

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