How To Receive God's Wisdom and Power

To keep your hope alive, it has to be fueled by God's wisdom and power. You can do this by spiritually connecting with God to allow his Holy Spirit to indwell you, thus creating a link between you and God for divine wisdom and power to flow into your mind and body.
With God's wisdom, you can discern the difference between truth and falsehood, and encouraged to choose the truth and what is right. The power of God, on the other hand, gives you the ability to put the truth and what is right into words and action.
Upon receiving God's wisdom and power, you can use them to give physical form to the things you hope for through organization and production.
With organization, you can bring together land, labor, capital and management, and by the process of production, goods and services are made to give physical form to hope, as physical evidence that our belief in God is not in vain.
Here, as before, the difference between faith and belief is underscored, where faith is justified by spiritual evidence, and belief is justified by physical evidence. By faith your soul sees the substance of what you hope for, and by the utilization of God's wisdom and power, through organization and production, your hope acquires a physical form to justify your belief in God.
Organization can also be used to give physical form to hope in other areas of your life. For instance, if you hope to have a PhD. degree in Mathematics, you have to use God's wisdom and power to bring together the necessary resources to transform your hope into reality; understanding that without those resources your hope would remain nothing but a dream.
From this you can see that hope is not wishful thinking, it is the materialization of what you desire, by bringing the full weight of God's wisdom and power upon your problems through thoughts and action.
The physical person's belief in God is at its strongest when he receives from God what is hoped for; and as argued here, the materialization of hope is made possible by the faith process. A process by which we connect with God in spirit, using God's wisdom to gather all the relevant information pertaining to the object of hope, and using God's power to act upon that information to give physical form to what we hope for.
Still, we should guide against becoming disappointed when we do not immediately receive what we hope for, because in his infinite wisdom, God knows when it is right to give us what we hope for, while at the same time, removing from our path those events that may cause us pain, or tragedy.
Furthermore, when our hopes are materialized in God's time, we receive results that exceed our expectations, because they are those which our souls see, which far exceed what the human mind can imagine.
Be mindful that hope can come from either God or Satan. How you can discern the source of hope is by examining the effects of its product.
If the product of hope causes an enhancement in the quality of human lives, and refines our character toward righteousness that hope is from God, but when it corrupts and debases our character toward evil, we can be sure it is from Satan

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