Does God Exist

After reading through thousands of pages of scriptures, ancient biblical source documents, and commentaries, we are still confronted by the same question: Does God exist?
Since no satisfactory answer has been found to this question, it has given rise to numerous hypotheses, one of which is the nonbeliever's view of God. Its ardent spokesman happens to be the renown Oxford University evolutionist, Richard Dawkins.
In his book, "The God Delusion", Dawkins writes: the claim that God created the universe, knows what over 6 billion people are thinking about and doing at all times, meting out punishment to sinners, and rewarding the righteous with eternal life, is not only a delusion, but nonsense.
Although Dawkins' credentials and scholarship as a scientist are unquestionable, he fails to offer a scientific hypothesis that can be tested to bolster his claim that God does not exist. The best he could offer was, and I quote, "This argument, as I shall show in the next chapter, demonstrates that God, though not technically disprovable, is very very improbable."
True to his word, Dawkins goes on to add in the next chapter that "natural selection" is the perfect explanation for the improbability of God's existence, because it breaks the problem into smaller and less prohibitive pieces that can be used as stepping stones to understanding such improbability. But even as he postulates, Dawkins is yet to offer proof that God does not exist.
More interesting is the wonder why Dawkins overlooks the fact that by erecting the improbability hypothesis, inadvertently he was also erecting the probability hypothesis; thus putting upon himself the burden to prove the former, without which the probability hypothesis would stand, while the improbability hypothesis would fall.
The purpose of this article is to show that God has proved his existence through the life, work, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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