Did Jesus Have A Child

In a nutshell, Dan Brown wrote in "The Da Vinci Code" that Jesus had a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene from which a child was born, whose descendants presently live among us.
That relationship, according to Dan Brown, took place sometime during the three years when Jesus was preaching the gospel, healing the sick ,and raising the dead.
Against these false charges, I must say emphatically that there has never been found, and not for want of trying, either in the inspired records, or the apocryphal records anything that suggested Jesus was ever married.
Since no such records exist anywhere, an uninformed reader may conclude, from reading Dan Brown's book that Jesus was involved in fornication with Mary Magdalene.
What the records actually show is that after fasting for forty days and forty nights, Jesus had totally subordinated the demands of his body to the demands of his spirit to the extent that he had no desire of the flesh to be satisfied by sexual intercourse with a woman.
Jesus' love for Mary Magdalene and all the other women who gravitated toward him was similar, in human terms, to the love a morally upright father would have for his daughters.
If Jesus had sexual intercourse with Mary Magdalene outside marriage in the period between 27- 30 AD, as Dan Brown claims, someone within the large entourage that followed Jesus everywhere he went would have known about it, and informed the Sadducee, the judicial arm of the Temple of Jerusalem, for a cash reward.
The information on Jesus' fornication with Mary Magdalene, if it existed, would have been a succulent piece of judicial meat the Sadducee would have done everything to have, in order to condemn Jesus to death by stoning as was stipulated by the law at the time (John 8:1-5).
The fact that the Sadducee could find no witness to say Jesus fornicated with Mary Magdalene, and had to settle for nothing more than the charge that Jesus claimed to be the son of God attested to the truth that Jesus had no sexual intercourse with Mary Magdalene, or any of the women in his entourage.
To have succeeded in resisting the natural male urge for sexual intercourse with any of the women that adored him, in the three years of his ministry, when abundant opportunities existed for him to do so was further proof that Jesus had completely subordinated the demands of his flesh to the demands of his spirit, and had become God.

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